Code of Ethics of the SAMCA

All members of the San Antonio Masonry Contractors Association agree to observe and be bound by the following code of ethics:

Members shall constantly seek to perform top quality workmanship on all contracts.

All members shall comply both in spirit and letter with the rules and regulations prescribed by law and government agencies.

Members shall not obtain any business by means of fraudulent statements or by use of implications not based on fact or reasonable probability.

Members shall not perform or cause to be performed any act which would tend to discredit or bring into dispute any part of the San Antonio Masonry Contractors Association or its members.

Members shall not knowingly slander or discredit the good name of any fellow contractor member or associate member of this organization.

All members shall keep local bidding practices in accordance with true labor and material prices with an ethical profit, and shall faithfully execute all contracts with strict accordance with the terms, conditions, and specifications.

It is the obligation of every member to upgrade, promote, and advertise the masonry industry to the best of his ability.